Career Center – secondary

Career Center – secondary


Welcome to Aequor Healthcare Services.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional aspiring to make a career move or just starting out and looking for your first big opportunity, Aequor has the inside track on the top jobs available in today’s healthcare and clinical markets.

At Aequor, it’s all about you. Our top priority is to help you connect with the right company
and the perfect career opportunity – in the healthcare or clinical market.

You can register online or schedule a meeting to get the process started. An Aequor staffing coordinator will go through a career analysis to determine your goals and what opportunities might be best for you. By partnering with one of our staffing coordinators, you’ll have a chance to leverage their knowledge and expertise to help you land the perfect job. Being proactive and communicating with your coordinator is key to a successful experience. So, whether you are looking for a new permanent position, a freelance opportunity, contract work, or contract-to-hire, the Aequor team is equipped to work for you.