Job Posting

Job Posting

Job Posting

Post a Job! Let us know your requirements for Short term or Long term temporary openings or for Positions that require Permanent Placement.

Once the form has been filled out describing your needs, Aequor Healthcare Services Client Account Manager will follow up with you, find the candidates, fill the opening and match for your needs.

Business Verification

Quality Deliverance

Aequor Healthcare Services employs highly qualified healthcare professionals with extensive experience in the healthcare industry; from patient evaluation, management, treatment and therapeutic exercises.

All applicants go through a rigorous recruitment screening process from initial phone interview, pharmacology exams, reference checks all the way through background checks. We ensure that only the highly qualified personnel will be sent to you. Aequor complies with all of the standards and guidelines set forth by JCAHO, OSHA and ANA.

We want to be your staffing partner. As a healthcare provider, you have unique, professional and personal needs. Our experience and scope help us understand those needs better than anyone in the industry. We are continuously striving and enhancing our services to meet the never ending changes and demands of the business.